Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lessons from the Poverty Mentality

Aloha y'all,

As everyone knows, I've been giving away the manuscript I've been working on to anyone who wants it on-line

When people get it I usually check-in to make sure they got it and get feedback.

I got a reply to that request today that was so funny I had to post it here for your learning experience ...

... see if you can spot what's causing "money issues" and ask yourself if you know anyone else who's ever made similar spiraling-belief-whirlpools in life.

Always a really fun learning experience.

Here's the message intermingled with my reply ...

... the name's been changed.

--- On Wed, 5/5/10, Grammy wrote:

> Actually, I was searching for a site, or person, or group that teaches
> the principles of Huna without charging money for it.

Aloha Grammy,

Glad you found us.

There's unlimited free teaching available at:

> I have NO money to invest in this, and it doesn't seem right to me to
> PAY for spiritual teachings. This may be naive of me, but there it is.

It is ... but as you're spiritually evolving, you will discover many of the differences between paying for teachings, paying for products, charging for services, accepting donations and gifts, etc.

Any emotional charge you discover attached to concepts like this is giving you a message there's a valuable lesson for you.

... that's pretty much universal with uni and uhane.

So you get to choose how you respond.

> No need to send me updates, or cool offers, because I do not have the
> money to purchase ANYTHING from you.

What does the one have to do with the other?

I understand your objection to receiving "cool offers" because, as you said, you don't have money to invest in your spiritual development right now ...

... I can't discern from what you've told me thus far whether you have no money at all or if you just have more important things to spend money on.

Not my problem ...

... you're acting according to your values, and THAT's most important.

> I DID receive the ebook, and since you charge I will have to let this
> connection go,


How much did you pay for the free eBook?

Do you live your entire life expecting other people to give you "something for nothing" ... expecting them to put in all the effort so you can just can take anything you desire?

> and locate someone/some group that does NOT charge for the
> teachings.

Very funny!

Mahalo for this lesson!


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