Thursday, May 06, 2010

Real Overcoming

Aloha y'all,

A couple of years ago I put a type-o here on the Huna blog that put the entire Kame'ekua 'Ohana in a uproar.


The Inoa Kupuna is very significant in traditional Hawaiin clulture, and I accidentally listed mine as Kame'ekua when, as Pali quickly reminded me, it should be Paia-Kapela-

I always think of Kame'ekua because of Makaweliweli in the great book, Tales from the Night Rainbow.

Anyway ... that was my mistake and I corrected it ASAP.

However, I am so glad I put the wrong name up because doing so also got me back in contact with Pali Jae Lee ..

... so we were able to Ho'oponopono just before she died

She and I ended up writing each other pretty regularly during her last couple of weeks on this plane.

Once again ... every cloud has a "silver lining!"

Every single one!

So you might want to seek-out the positive learning experience from life experiences ... even when it was probably NOT necessarily "fun" at the time!

Even among Huna practitioners ...

... because we're human.

We might face adversity from-time-to-time.

During the changing-of-the-millennium period we had a pretend "Dr. Waha 'Awa" who managed to frighten-off a bunch of people ...

... adversity also reveals people's true character.

So, even when you finally realize you have a serious "frienemy" ... keep in mind what Nietche said ...

"Was mich nicht umbringt,
macht mich starker."

Because every obstacle you overcome improves your skill-set.

That's real overcoming.

You might want to look for more quotes about overcoming adversity and the adversity qoutient

Dad and I grew that much closer back when the "fat guy" attempted a coupe de' etat.

As through all life lessons ... you grow that much stronger from all the valuable lessons you received.

We're now working with institutions like The University of Hawaii and The Library of Congress instead of the "pretenders" of the late 1990s.

It is very nice!

There's always something for you to look forward to.

So keep that in mind, and remember how powerful you really are!

... and may your 'aumakua take care of you!

Nana I Ke Kumu!


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