Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kahuna Secrets of Theta Brain Wave Training

--- Original question:

> Hi Vince,
> I purchased a Kahuna video course from you a while
> back and was wondering if you could tell me if
> there is a huna way of getting from alpha to theta?


If you’ve been practicing, you’re probably already getting there.

“The way to get from alpha to theta” is outlined below.

Now …

… about the videos.

The sound playing in the background during the "alpha drills" is designed to calibrate your brain to alpha.

… and I did “sneak” some theta drills in ... like where you were doing some Remote Viewing.


So I’ll put more on using sound for mastering theta below.

In the meantime …

… here’s a “quickie!”

The post “Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Awareness” ...

... is a theta drill.

> In one of the videos after you explain how to go to
> level - alpha you mention something along the lines
> of Kahuna`s finding a hole and using it to step down to
> theta.

What have your experienced by doing that?

> If you could please let me know if there is a
> Kahuna way of getting to theta that is as simple and
> effective as the huna method of going to alpha I
> would be gratefull. Thankyou.

Here it is.

Remember alpha waves give us our clearest, sharpest, and strongest visualizations … and you probably have a good grasp of that.

You already have the basic process, so let’s get you moving toward the “Kahuna Mind.”

Use your alpha picturing for awakening your theta mastery.


Generally speaking … theta brainwaves are best accessed through “journeying.”

Some examples:

… going down stairs.

…going through a tunnel.

… along a passageway.

And the more changes you make … the deeper you tend to go.


But …

… you have to “go somewhere” … right?

That’s why we’re always emphasizing you must know your purpose for going to theta … your expectation!

  • Astral Projection.

  • Lucid Dreaming.

  • Remote Viewing.

  • Healing.
  • … whatever!

    You see … once you get to the end of your “journey” ... the intention you’ve set-up ahead of time gives your theta waves something to focus on!

    … otherwise you’re just "zoning out. "

    So there IS a purpose for knowing your purpose!

    Keep studying.


    PS – Here’s how you can get to be a “Theta Master” using the theta sound.

    … go to

    You can get Hank Wesselman’s Journey to the Sacred Garden … it’s sort-of “kindergarten metaphysics” … but it’s cheap and you get a drum and rattle CD that will help. Since you already have the Kahuna videos you can make it work over time.

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Huna: The Nature of Predicting the Future!

    --- "akajva" wrote:
    > If I got a flash about the future and then I make
    > changes so it doesn't happen. Then I wasn't seeing
    > the future. Was I?


    I like using the "clock tower" metaphor.

    Let me give a specific example ...

    I was leaving home one evening when I saw a “flash” of a white Camaro broad-siding me at a certain intersection.

    As I approached that intersection I began driving slowly and more cautiously. Sure enough, as I got closer a kid in a white Camaro came racing up to the stop sing from the side street and skidded out into the middle of the main street in front of me.

    "So what actually happened?"

    The clock tower.

    Imagine the same scene with two cars speeding toward an intersection … neither driver can see that another car is approaching.

    But there’s a person standing atop a clock tower on the corner who can see both cars …

    ... he literally has a “Higher Perspective!”

    He is able to PREDICT THE FUTURE … so far as he can see that *IF* the two cars continue
    at their current pace, they will collide.

    If he’s able to call one of the cars and give warning of the POTENTIAL tragedy, he BOTH predicted the future AND changed it.

    Such is the nature of precognition.

    The same thing happened to me and … I suspect … to you.

    “Someone” … and I’m not going to name names, right? : ) … but, in Huna that "someone" is your Aumakua High Self.

    ... so "someone" with a Higher Perspective was able to predict what would happen if things continued as they were and give warning to avoid an undesired event.

    Does that make sense?

    And the "mechanics" of how to see the future is covered in Max Freedom Long's "The Secret Science Behind Miracles."



    PS - You can get "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" at The Huna Store on-line ... ...

    ... let me know you read this here when you order and I'll give you a FREE digital copy of "Clairvoyance" by C. W. Leadbeater ... just to say "Thank you!"

    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Huna Mind Secrets ... The Kahuna "Waking Meditation" Stage Two

    "The Fastest ESP skills training
    program on the planet!"

    Here's what you can do right away!

    ... just be sure to read the "The Kahuna 'Waking Meditation' Stage One, Part I" and "The Kahuna 'Waking Meditation' Stage One, Part II" posts FIRST!


    After you've practiced Hakalau successfully ... you've probably already discovered some pretty amazing things.

    ... and that's why I always make my students actually DO instead of just read.

    Then we can get moving to "the next step" ... more advanced learning!

    Hey ...

    Feedback is so important because ... working with more than 4000 students on-line daily ... you want good people to get valuable skills.

    "The Next Step"

    Here's some learing reports from Huna Ohana members to help you go step-by-step through the process of practicing, learning, and growing!

    --- "aeambassador" wrote:

    > I've not quite hit the full 180 degree view yet, but
    > there are a few interesting things I'm noticing.
    > 1) This is an EXCELLENT drill for seeing the subtle
    > energies, at least for me. By just focusing on the
    > spot on the wall I'm seeing what seem to be my strange
    > flows, little streamers flowing seemingly randomly
    > through my field of vision (not the birth specks in
    > our eyes that we all see. I'm still seeing those, but
    > these are different.)
    > 2) Breathing, with most things, is key. I'm
    > imagining my field of vision expanding every time I
    > exhale.
    > 3) I just saw one of my chakras for the first time,
    > my third eye chakra. I had to do it a few times to be
    > sure, but if I'm looking at just the right spot, I see
    > a sort of coloured circle directly center of my
    > vision. I don't see it if I look anywhere else. VERY
    > interesting...
    > Well, back to staring at a wall... Turns out I've
    > been doing a useful thing all these years when I space
    > out /grin.
    > Thanks!
    > Chad


    Thanks Chad ...

    ... isn't it GREAT!

    This is how I learned to see auras for the first time ... it's probably the FASTEST "ESP" training there is.

    A couple of years ago I was doing a Huna intensive and we literally had one student who as close to being someone "just pulled-off-the-street" as you can get ...

    ... at the time she was the new "customer service" lady for Huna Research, Inc. ... with absolutely NO experience ... and almost no interest in "this Huna stuff" or anything like it.

    She was just there to "help out."

    So ...

    I was teaching the "Learning How to See Auras in Less than 5 minutes" part of my training ... a simple 4-step process, and ... "of course" ... Hakalau is the First Step.

    I don't think she even wanted to do it ...

    ... she made all kinds of excuses as to why it wouldn't work for her, etc. etc. ...

    ... BUT ...

    ... she actually SAW the AURA ... and she saw it RIGHT AWAY ...

    It really is that powerful!

    She was in such "denial" she said, "I don't see anything ... all I see is all these colors flying around her head!"

    Learning is such FUN ... is it not?

    Like Doc La Tourrette always says ...

    "If you DO THE DRILLS ... you GET THE SKILLS."

    ... and anybody can do it!

    Everybody can do it!

    Onward ...

    > When I was practicing Hakalau at lunch there was
    > this angry guy who was being rude to the waitress
    > and I kept seeing these flashes of red light flying
    > off around his head.


    It's usually easier to see auras when people are agitated ... for a couple of reasons.

    1. More EMOTION = more MANA.

    2. RED is just MORE NOTICEABLE ...

    ... like the red Ferrari ...

    ... like the red dress ...


    So NOW ... moving on!


    The more you practice Hakalau ... the more you do it ... you start finding yourself more and more adept ... and you can "slip" into this state pretty much instantly!

    "Stage One" is your ability to "get there" easily ... and you can stay in that state.

    When I'm teaching or doing healing work I hold it all day long.

    Just make sure you're holding it for a few moments before moving to Stage Two ... because that's very important!

    "Stage Two" is simply ... while you're holding the Hakalau state ... allow your eyes to drop down to their "normal" position.

    Just let the eyes naturally "drop" … staying "defocused" ... and make sure you're holding that EXPANDED AWARENESS.

    THEN ... once your good at doing that naturally ... you can go on to "STAGE THREE" ...



    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Awareness

    This one's from the order of Kane ...

    And even though most old Hawaiian systems didn't include Chakras, you'll probably notice some parallels here.

    I was reminded of this when the subject of Piko Piko arose in the Huna Ohana group. This is a Piko Piko ... moving your awareness between different points of the body.


    The important thing is the RATIO ... 9/15/12 ... keep your breathing natural ... in fact ... DON'T THINK ABOUT BREATHING ...

    ... just focus your attention on "THE LIGHT."


    Start with FOUR "Sun breaths."

    As you inhale, imagine the sun just above and behind your head ... about three feet up ... and imagine it connected (by aka cords) to the top of your head ("soft spot," fontanel, Manawa) and to your back behind your heart.

    As you exhale, imagine the light flowing into you.

    So ...

    Step One. Imagine the sun being there as you inhale.

    Step Two. Imagine the light flowing into you as you exhale.

    Do Step One and Two four times.

    Then the Piko Piko.


    Focus your attention on your heart. Imagine a PINK light shining from your heart. Focus on this for a count of NINE.

    Then move your attention to the top of your head (soft spot), bringing the pink light with you. Focus on this for a count of FIFTEEN.

    Then allow that light to GROW until it surrounds your entire body. Focus on this for a count of TWELVE.


    Focus your attention on your throat. Imagine a BLUE light shining from your throat. Focus on this for a count of NINE.

    Then move your attention to the top of your head, bringing the blue light with you. Focus on this for a count of FIFTEEN.

    Then allow that light to GROW until it surrounds your entire body. Focus on this for a count of TWELVE.


    Focus your attention on your forehead, just above your eyebrows (3rd eye). Imagine a WHITE light shining from your forehead. Focus on this for a count of NINE.

    Then move your attention to the top of your head (soft spot) bringing the white light with you. Focus on this for a count of FIFTEEN.

    Then allow that light to GROW until it surrounds your entire body. Focus on this for a count of TWELVE.

    That's the drill.

    I thought it was crap at first.

    THEN I had a DREAM about it ...

    ... and I thought, "That's crap."

    ... or I may have used another term, right?

    THEN a book "JUMPED OUT" at me on Psychic Energy by Joseph Weed ...

    ... and I opened it up RIGHT TO THE PAGE that had THE EXACT SAME DRILL ...

    ... so I thought, "Hmmmmmmmmmm...."

    ... and forgot about it.

    THEN ...

    ... while I was preparing for an ESP class, I took a nap and I had the feeling of "GET UP and DO THAT #^^*& DRILL"

    So I tried it, and ... over the next twenty-four hours ... my ENERGY AWARENESS was back as good as it was when I was four or five years old.

    I ended up giving a SPECIAL TRAINING on THAT drill alone.

    Pretty amazing!


    PS - It takes about two hours to teach it right, but IF you just DO THE DRILL ... and DO IT DAILY ... you might be surprised at how good it gets ...

    ... or I MAY BE WRONG ...

    ... you may not be surprised at all!

    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    The key "secret" that popular movie is missing!

    Kahuna Secret missing from
    "the movie" may prevent ...
    ... even saboatage your goals!

    Here's how ...

    One of the most misunderstood things in Huna seems to be the "TIME ELEMENT" ...


    Your unihipili knows the future is NOT the present.

    Pretty simple.

    So ... when you're doing your Ha Rite you are building your chosen reality INTO THE FUTURE ... so it IS a reality ... in the future only!


    Your unconscious CAN distinguish between "real things" and when you are imagining things ...

    ... and it pays more attention to what it knows is "real."


    Simply imagining and affirming "I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. I radiate health because I have health ..." may CAUSE your unihipili to disregard that as just more of the "imaginings" of the uhane middle self.

    ... it could actually sabotage your desires!

    Got it?

    "Pretending" everything is the way you want it ALONE can actually set-you-up for "failure" ...

    ... because your unconscious KNOWS what is "real" ... what it is experiencing NOW.

    So ...

    Huna does not use the practice of saying "I am healed here and now" ... because that can set up conflict between your selves.

    ... "or worse."

    But ... having done your Ha Rite ... you know that you are being healed in that part of the future that is being molded NOW.

    That's your High Self's job!

    Then ...

    ... having performed your Ha Rite ... placing your chosen outcome in your future ... it is THERE.

    That actually sets-up the "Law of Attraction" in the way that will attract you to your chosen future!

    ... and start attracting your chosen future to you!

    "Pretty nice!"


    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD