Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huna Practitioner Certification Training NOW on DVD

Get the complete 7-day
HUNA practitioner's

... Home-Study Course NOW on DVD

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thru Monday, August 9th, 2010
... and you only have to say "maybe!" see below


These truly are historic times, and you might be surprised when you discover that you play a key role in making the times we're living in so special.

You're going to be learning more about all the important specifics as your Ohana rapidly expands to surround the globe with our Lei of Aloha. (1)

Now you can do your part.

You are unique for many reasons, and right now, the most important one you want to consider is how you want to take advantage of your historic opportunity to be among the very FIRST people in the world to get the ALL NEW information, learnings, training, and mystical experiences available to you FOR the VERY FIRST TIME EVER in Western HISTORY (2)

I'm not quite sure exactly how to explain the importance of this event.

... my Elders began preparing me for this before I was old enough to go to kindergarten. It didn't make any sense to me then, and it's still quite mystic in nature.

But ... deep-down in my gut (na'au) where it really counts ... I absolutely KNOW it IS true, and THAT is the only thing I need to give this totally new and improved system (returning to the real, most pure, and un-contaminated of the Ancient Hawaiian Mystical practices yet revealed) my very best efforts.


I spent the last month getting myself ready for you, simply because you're the most important key

So I'm gathering as much input as possible on the best way to get this information out to the general public who needs it so much more NOW ... more than ever.

Our "mother earth" is bleeding in the Gulf of Mexico and panic is spreading accross the world in preparation for the energy shift everyone can FEEL is coming in 2012.

Don't panic!

... you know how to relax and see things from higher perspectives. (3)

You really need to learn the New Ka Huna Nui system, and you have two choices on how you want to proceed.

1. Do it the easy way ... the FEE paradigm from Western Culture.

... just get the DVDs and you can accomplish MORE in the next 12 months than you ever have in any revious 12 years!

Even though HRI is not-for-profit, we're still paying the production costs for making these DVDs available to you. Professionally recording, editing, and producing DVDs is pretty expensive.

If you can afford to get the DVDs, then you know you can do that today and get 365 days to apply what you learn.

Keep them, and your donation is tax-deductible also!

... OR ...

2. Do it the hard way. The FREE paradigm from my Ancient Ohana where you must "serve to deserve" and you can learn everything from the DVDs in approximately 5 to 20 years, depending on your level of dedication.

You choose your path!

Either way, it is vitally important you begin today.

Now, if you're wanting to begin the home-study program on DVD program, it's important you understand this is the very first time that anything even close to this program was EVER released on home video.

So I need to make sure you're serious, honest, and honorable.

If you're not, then go away now, before boomerang karma gets you.

Because it WILL.

You WILL get what you deserve.

Now, if you're pure of heart, then proceed ...

The people at Straightforward, Inc. have completed the All-New and professionally-produced the Complete 7-day Huna Practitioner Certification Training DVDs.

Get yours NOW ...

"Why?" ...

Because this special offer is limited. We ARE going to be releasing this package to the general public this summer for $895 for all 13 dvds ... but, because your a member of our on-line Huna Ohana, we decided we're practically "giving-them-away" over through June 15th only... get the complete set for only $379.

So this is your opportunity to get this once-in-a-life-time offer ...

Look ...

... if you'd been there, you'd
already know what I'm talking about!

But you don't have to pay attention to me ...

... just listen to what everybody else is saying ...

SAMPLE (emphasis added)


I received my copy of the Huna Practitioner Training DVDs a few days ago. It is absolutely wonderful. The notes that Carol took are such a bonus!

I knew there were times I had zoned out or had become so overloaded that I was missing important points. The DVDs and study notes have filled in all the blanks plus they gave me an eagle eye perspective of what was happening in the room.

Anyone who is thinking about ordering the training DVDs, go for it! You are getting the convention at less than a fifth of the cost than if you had attended in person.

It's fun to watch the changes we went through, see how the auras light up when practicing the different breathing rhythms, and watching a group of individuals become family.

Thanks Vince!


jrdljd (at) gmail (dot) com <-- ask her yourself

Ask anyone who was there:

... they ALL jumped at the chance to get these DVDs ... and they did it BECAUSE they know exactly what is on them and just how valuable it is.

If you want to send me a private email, or just join the Huna Ohana ... you'll get-in-touch with any trainee you see on these DVDs because they're good people and ... unlike every other "spiritual" product you can get on the internet, these people NOT paid to promote this or any other product available from the original Huna Research Associates.

Check 'em out ... because that's just ONE advantage of our not-for-profit organization ... it keeps everyone totally honest.

Try finding honest people anywhere else on the internet!

... good luck!

NOW you can get a "front-row-center" seat ... right in your own home ... where you can "savor every single minute" of this legendary training experience ...

... and you can keep watching-and-re-watching the DVDs again and again ... taking notes ...doing the drills ... perfecting ALL the skills you're learning ... and you can do it all at your own pace.

You can even REWIND!

It's the perfect home-study training for you ...

... and you risk nothing! ←see the guarantee below!

So here's a little "extra incentive" to get yours today!

We're also going to throw-in a complete bound copy of Certified Huna Practitioner Carol Brochu's extensive class-room notes that's 75 pages ... practically an inch thick ... along with your work-book of complete handout ...

... for the FIRST 20 7 people to ORDER NOW!

(I gave this offer to 9 people who called to order, and all nine jumped at the chance!)

Pretty cool.

They're THAT good, and they're all yours ... absolutely free ... just for ordering today!

So order yours today!


I do hope to hear from you soon ... hope to see you in October, and certainly wish you absolutely ALL THE BEST!

Nana I Ke Kumu!

thru Monday Aug 9th
PS - You can get your Huna Practitioner Training DVDs NOW ... before July 30th ... for only $379 because we're planning to release them to the public by this fall, and your feed-back will be a huge help!

PPS - A quick note here ... if, after you've gone through all the DVDs taken your notes, and practiced what you've learned, and you don't love them, just send them back. You get our FULL 365-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

... that's way more than than fair, right?

PPPS - Go ahead ... there's NO RISK, so get yours today ... just got to the "Buy Now" or give the Huna Research Associates a quick call ... credit card in hand ... at 1-573-334-3478 now.

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


(1) My dear friend, Pali Jae Lee was inspired to publish concepts of our Huna "Lei of Aloha" in our newsletter, then titled "The Huna Work" during the 1980's.

(2) Kumulipo

(3) See the 'I'o process for instructions,


Anonymous said...

Hola, Vingo. un comentario de un seguidor de Huna. de Argentina es muy interesante la propuesta de esté material de crecimiento y conocimiento. bien te diré que el costo es bastante elevado para nosotros y eso nos limita bastante obtener dicho material,solo eso gracias....

Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD said...

Observe la opción GRATIS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rev. James Vinson Wingo,

I truly would like that you offer the option to buy each of the 13 DVD´s separately. One by one, so we could buy them according to everyones budget.

The content is priceless! we understand the importance of the content, we would like you PLEASE to give us that chance, that option too, so we can all contribute to heal and clean by taking 100% responsability.

I love you
I apologize
Please forgive me
Thank you

Thank You
Thank you
Thank you

I live in Mexico, and I would like to know if there is also an international shipping.

I love you
Thank you